Ten Chefs competing in the 2013 Canadian Culinary Championships

Last weekend, ten of Canada’s finest chefs competed in the 2013 Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna, B.C; a gruelling three-event competition that took place over two days. The judges selected gold, silver and bronze medal winners based on performances in all three events (each event having equal weight). Guests had the opportunity to taste the dishes presented at the Mystery Wine Pairing Event as well as the Grand Finale.

Here’s a look at the chefs’ signature dishes presented at the Gold Medal Plates Grand Finale.

Chef Östen Rice, Winnipeg ~ Gravlax – A Modern Japanese Approach: Beet Cured Butterfish, Miso Mustard Sauce, Fuji Apple and Golden Beet Slaw, Shiso Compressed Cucumber, Caper Berries and Taro Chip

Gravlax - A Modern Japanese ApproachChef Darren Craddock, Saskatoon ~ Cannon of Lamb, Braised Lamb Shoulder, Truffle & Chanterelle Croquette, Celery Root Soubise, Green Pea & Mint Foam, Lamb Reduction

Chef Darren Craddock's signature dish

GOLD MEDAL WINNER Chef Marc St. Jacques, Toronto ~ Terrine of Fois Gras, White Soy Gelee, Black Sesame Financier, Roasted Lemon Curd

Chef Marc St. Jacques'  signature dish

Chef Mark Filatow, Kelowna ~ Bar “M” Ranch Lamb, Charcoal Grilled Loin, Moroccan Braised Belly, “Neck” Merguez, Potato Doughnut

Chef Mark Filatow's signature dish

Chef Shaun Hussey, St. John’s ~ Potato Wrapped Salt Cod with Pressed Ham Hocks, Local Braising Greens, Smoked Apple Relish and Apple Cider Brown Butter

Chef Shaun Hussey's signature dish

Chef Daren Bergeron, Montreal ~ Veal Tenderloin, White Tuna, Sweet & Sour Calamari with a Radish Broth

Chef Daren Bergeron's signature dish

Chef Nathin Bye, Edmonton ~ Noble Tonic 01 Maple & Triple Smoked Bacon Panna Cotta, Sunny Side Up Quail Egg & Omega Egg Floss, Wild Chanterelle “Pop Tart” & Blackberry Grapefruit Bircher Muesli

Chef Nathin Bye's signature dish

SILVER MEDAL WINNER Chef Jamie Stunt ~ Pan Seared Tiraislin Farms Yak, Northern Divine Caviar, Pioppino Mushroom, Spiced Boar Vinaigrette, Herbs, Vinegar

Chef Jamie Stun's signature dish

Chef Eden Hrabec, Canmore ~ Brown Buttered Sweetbreads with Apricot Masala, Smashed Baby Potatoes, Wilted Spinach, Preserved Lemon & Chicken Skin Pappadom

Brown Buttered Sweetbreads with Apricot Masala

photo credit: Brian Hamilton

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER Chef Milton Rebello ~ Lamb and Goat Cheese Duo: Mustard and Pistachio Crusted Oven Roast Lamb, Green Pea and Mint Puree, Corn and Golden Heritage Potato Hash Cooked in Lamb Jus, Cherry Port Wine and Ginger Reduction; Goat Cheese Dusted with Beet Powder and Encased in Indian Inspired Vegetable and Spices, Paired with Pear Chutney and Lentil Tuile

Chef Milton Rebello's signature dish

Watching Canada’s top chefs work under intense pressure and tasting their innovative cuisine was very exciting, as was the opportunity to introduce so many new delicacies to my taste buds. It’s not everyday I get the opportunity to dine on yak, caviar, fois gras and sweetbreads – and I surprised myself by accurately predicting the gold medal winner! (I also picked the silver and bronze medal winners, but in the opposite order, choosing Milton Rebello to win silver instead of Jamie Stunt.) Maybe my palate is just a little more educated than I’ve given it credit for.


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2013 Canadian Culinary Championships ~ The Finale

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