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Travel planning can take a lot of work. Here are 10 apps that will take the hassle out of the process, from finding the first inspiration on choosing where to travel to, booking your tickets to get there, finding accommodation and things to do, and getting around once you arrive.



Before a vacation begins, (and as soon as it’s over), those with wanderlust will love to spend time with Trover – the ‘visual bucket list’ app that allows you to plan, share, and give to a community of like-minded travellers and holidayers.
10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier


Billed as the ‘treasure map of your life’ – Findery, created by the founder of Flickr, connects you with other travellers who have been to the same place as you in the form of location-specific notes.  In your home city, or in a foreign city, get inspired by famous or personal moments everywhere around you.



The GoEuro app is the complete package for getting around Europe. The app connects to air, bus, and rail providers across the content, and allows users to navigate hundreds of provider websites in six languages and four currencies. Useful for research as well as booking tickets, this app will make travelling easier, more flexible, and more affordable than buying a Eurail pass.

10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier


With a focus on finding cheap flights, SkyScanner helps customers search hundreds of airlines for the best deal – and its unique graphs and fuzzy search make searching for flights fun.
10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier



Once you know where you’re going, the first thing you need to decide is where you will stay. Booking.com‘s mobile app is just as streamlined as the website – and allows you to search, filter, and book hotels quickly and easily.
10 Travel Apps That Make Tripping Planning Easier


If you’re looking for alternative accommodation, and perhaps want to stay somewhere more authentic than a hotel, the Airbnb app is slick, fast, and full of inspiring locations to stay you may never have thought of.
10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier



GetYourGuide is fast growing as the go-to app for activities and tours; and often grants its users special perks like skipping lines or upgrades you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.
10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier


Yelp suggests places to eat based on your location, cuisine preference, and price, and lets you browse the experiences of other users who’ve blazed the trail before you.
10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier

Getting Around


CityMaps2Go lets you save comprehensive, detailed street maps of a place, lets you bookmark and annotate the maps, and gives you guides and destination suggestions, all without requiring an internet connection.
10 Travel Apps That Make Trip Planning Easier

Wi-Fi Finder

Operating in 144 countries worldwide, this app will let you find a wi-fi hotspot in almost any place that has it. Finding public wi-fi makes it easy to send emails, share photos, look up directions, or check reservations on the go – without having to go back to your hotel.
Do you use travel apps to plan your trips? Which ones do you consider essentials?