#10 on our list of #100Quests for Food Focused Travelers: Discover Copenhagen's Christmas Cuisine

#10 – Copenhagen Christmas Food Walking Tour

Take your taste buds on a lip-smacking journey around Denmark’s Christmas cuisine with this popular food tour of Copenhagen’s tastiest hotspots. With a local food expert guide by your side, learn about the Danes’ Christmas culinary heritage and explore the food scene in and around the city’s trendiest culinary market, Torvehallerne. Sample yuletide delicacies such as Christmas licorice and cookies, sink your teeth into sausages, and raise a glass or two of mulled wine, festive schnapps and Denmark’s iconic Christmas lager, the dark and strong ‘Julebryg.’


Meet your food-expert guide at Torvehallerne in central Copenhagen and explore this vibrant covered market. As you walk, hear how much of the Danes’ celebration of Jul (Christmas) is linked to food and festive favorites such as roast pork, pâté, cake, and cookies.

As you chat about the yuletide delicacies, enjoy several stops in and around the market. Venues might change on occasion, but your route always includes a number of tastings.

Visit Bornholmer Butikken and sample classics such as Danish Christmas jelly, cookies, and licorice, accompanied by two types of Akvavit, the fiery local schnapps.

Continue to Omegn, a traditional farmer’s market stall. Try some gløgg and sausages, accompanied by a glass of Akvavit or another festive schnapps.

Other stops include Sweet Valentine, a patisserie famous for its scrumptious honninghjerte (Christmas honey heart), and GRØD, a café specializing in grød (porridge).

Visit Summerbird, a purveyor of handmade chocolates, and treat yourself to its exquisite seasonal chocolate. Then, head for the cozy Tante T tearoom to try its fragrant green and white Christmas teas.

Receive a bag of Christmas spices to take home from the spice shop, Asa, and finish at brewery-restaurant Nørrebro Bryghus. Here, try some craft beers, including Denmark’s annual festive beer, Julebryg, a dark lager only released in the holiday season.

After your beer tasting, bid a fond farewell to your guide outside Nørrebro, which is situated nearby the original start point.

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