Are You a Food Traveler? |

When you travel, do you…

  • Spend as much as half of your travel budget on food or food-related activities?
  • Sign-up for cooking classes, wine tastings, or food tours?
  • Take photos of food and share them on Facebook or Instagram?
  • Combine culture and culinary activities?
  • Want to learn about a destination’s culinary offerings?
  • Seek out what’s authentic?

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. Food tourism is a 150 billion dollar global industry. The tourism spend on food services in the US alone topped $201 billion in 2012. Some 39 million US travelers chose a destination based on its food activities, and a further 35 million seek out gastronomic delights after deciding on a vacation spot. Culinary travel has never been hotter!


Food Tourism 2015Food Tourism 2015 by Foodie&Tours

Foodie&Tours is an online travel agency that specializes in exceptional gastronomic tours and culinary experiences in Spain. They’ve handpicked the best tours and activities in some of Spain’s most amazing foodie destinations and we’ll be sharing some of them with you in the months to come.