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Name:   Jenny Freedman

Occupation:   Traveler, foodie and blogger

Where were you born?:   Perth in Western Australia

Where do you live?:  Perth

Travel has always been a big part of my life. For a long time my husband’s work took him to Italy so I would hitch a ride and we would explore another corner of this beautiful country. I do love the countryside but I need a fix in a big city every now and again. I also love learning about other cultures and trips to India, Turkey, Jordan, Sri Lanka and Africa have inspired me to travel far and wide when I can.  Food is important in my travels and restaurants play a big part when visiting places. Sharing these experiences is part of the fun and this is why the blog started. As a travel agent with 10 years experience in a previous life, friends and family would often ask where we stay or what restaurants we went to so the blog was designed to answers those questions.

Travel Style

How would you describe your travel style?  

Having retired a few years ago, my husband and I have spent most of the last eighteen months travelling in Europe. We have travelled a lot in the past mainly on month-long trips but time now affords us the luxury of being slow travelers, deciding at the last minute where the next stop is. We love a road trip and depending on where we are, we usually stay in B&Bs, boutique hotels and apartments with a bit of luxury thrown in every now and again!

Road Trip in Italy, A Taste of Travel |

What’s your earliest travel memory?

My earliest memory is of my first flight at the age of eighteen to stay with my aunt in Adelaide. By the age of twenty I was up and away!  The travel bug had bitten!

When researching travel destinations, how important are food/drink choices and experiences to your overall decision-making process?

It is the most important part.  Our travel decisions are made around food!  We choose a country because of its food!  We once flew to Copenhagen just to eat at Noma as friends had been successful in getting a reservation!  I do a lot of research on the places I want to eat at but I also love asking people where they go to eat.

Culinary traveler or food explorer?  Which do you relate to more?

Initially I would have said we are culinary travelers. Food dictates our travels. We love trying local dishes, wandering around the markets and chatting to people even if it is only using hand signals. Food gives great insight into the culture of a country and we have loved our travels exploring the different towns of central Turkey and learning about the food of their area. Maybe this makes us food explorers too!

Hamsi Pie, A Taste of Travel |

If we ask your best friends if you’re a foodie, what would they say?

Yes, she is!  I am constantly being asked for restaurant recommendations as they all know I hate to miss a good meal!

Eggs with Truffles, A Taste of Travel |

What’s in your carry-on? Any essential food or kitchen tools you won’t leave home without?

No…I don’t cook whilst I’m away and love to try new food so even the vegemite stays at home! Coming home is a different story. There’ll be oil, pasta, spices, pastes and any other food items I can sneak past my husband in the carry-on!

What’s the most unusual food you’ve eaten?

I’ve not really had anything too unusual. Live prawns at Noma was a dish I was not expecting! I’ve also nibbled on parts of a sheep’s head in Istanbul where it’s quite a delicacy…but it’s not one I’ll be repeating often!!  

If we handed you a ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Mmm…a hard question. I’d love to go back to New York as I need to update my eating guide but we didn’t quite make it to the far eastern part of Turkey and Georgia, so I’d like to go there too! Israel is on the wish list too!

What’s the best culinary travel experience you’ve ever had?

Our visit to Noma was certainly one in a million but we have loved a couple of trips we have taken to Gaziantep in Turkey that have centered around food.

Ground pistachios, A Taste of Travel |

Any great travel tips to share?

Head to the markets to learn what is in season and to chat to the locals as to the places they love to eat!

Jenny’s Picks

Favorite Culinary Destination:  Piemonte and Turkey

Favorite Cuisine:  Italian and Turkish

Favorite Restaurant:  Kantin in Istanbul and Enoteca Canale in Piemonte

Favorite Street Food:   Indian

Favorite Food Market:  Alacati or Tire in Turkey

Tire Market in Turkey, A Taste of Travel |

Favorite Gourmet Shop:  I have no particular favourite….I prefer small local shops where ever I am.

Favorite Winery:   We have some fabulous wineries in the Margaret River region of Western Australia: Leeuwin Estate, Vasse Felix and Cullens

Favorite Cooking Class:  Cook and Taste in Barcelona

Favorite Food/Tasting Tour:  Where ever I am I try to do a food tour so there’s no specific favourite…they’ve all been good so far!

Favorite Culinary Tour Operator:  Culinary Backstreets

Favorite Travel App: I’m the navigator on our road trips so I’d be lost without Google Maps!

Connect with Jenny


Twitter:  @atasteoftravel




Want to go to one of Jenny’s favorite culinary destinations? Try the Four Seasons Istanbul in Turkey. Multiple restaurants offer guests a variety of culinary options but the highlight is the Yali Lounge offering traditional Turkish fair.

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