This Is Why Singapore Is a Coastal King

Sensota Island, Singapore

Like all nations that are surrounded by long coastlines, Singapore has always been a nation that has felt as comfortable in the water as it has on land. But what does this mean for its culture?

Well, it has probably the best maritime culture in all of Asia. It has one of the largest navies in the region, if not the largest, and has a lot of experience on the waves.

For the people of the city-state, this has meant that coastal areas have always been looked after properly. They have always been a place where you can go to relax, enjoy life, meet new people and sing songs in the bars and clubs. It’s familiar, it’s natural and it’s very Singapore.

It really is the coastal king that you should be making a stop at, this year or the next.

If you’re unsure, then the following attractions and sites shall leave you in no more doubt.

Sentosa Island

Known for its sheer beauty, Sentosa Island is the furthest most island of Singapore. It’s surrounded by water on all sides and has some amazing attractions in the center of its landmass. It’s separated from the main island of Singapore, which means that it has different kinds of coasts.

The Keppel Harbor is just adjacent to Pulau bani, which is an even smaller island that is situated in the middle of Sentosa and the larger part. The history is very interesting as it was formerly a British military base. However, during World War II it, unfortunately, became a POW camp for Japan where it was the location of many war crimes.

However, it’s now a popular tourist destination because it has hotels and swimming pools. The beaches are also amazing, with palm trees sticking out toward the horizon, begging for the sunlight each day. This is where you can go to get away from the fast-paced lifestyle of the interior.

A place to sleep

So while you’re here in Singapore you will need somewhere to rest. That’s why you should look for Singapore HDB rental so you can have privacy, space, and lots of time to adjust to the local way of life.

You can get a house that has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for just 2,900RM a month. This roughly works out to just $700 a month. Considering that you have lots of room and you’re in the middle of one of the richest countries on earth, this is a pretty good deal.

Don’t forget that being close to the action means you’ll save on public transport money and other expenses such as taxis. But where?

Well, the best place to find a nice property to rest in is probably the central zone. Although busy, you can find places which are surrounded by suburban neighborhoods and parks. So keep a keen eye on the location and you should never be too far from any coastal area.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a classic feature of Singapore. A Riviera-type design, there are many small ports along the marina which you can use for your own boat. If you feel like renting a boat to sail around the coast and visit different beaches, you can do so from one of the many private hire companies.

Marina Bay is a great place to relax during the night. With many swanky bars and high-end hotels, you can enjoy a cocktail and a dish of fresh prawns while watching the sunset. 

The ability to hire boats at night and sail while not having to face a strict curfew is another reason why Singapore is so attractive to the affluent class. It’s also why it has such an amazing import culture and being a beacon of trade.

Lounging in the gardens

If you thought that all there was to do at the bay, was to relax, sit back and fall asleep listening to the waves and water, then you’re wrong. The Gardens by the Bay are wondrous creations of the Singaporean people. They are filled with breathtaking foliage and vegetation. They have some of the rarest plants in the region and have been designed to increase the oxygen and air quality of the city. Here is where you should come for a dose of education and calm as the guided tours are very cheap and fun.

Singapore is a coastal king not just because of it’s location and navy. But, because it’s culture is so rich in the way of the water and coastal living. That’s why the city-state is so awesome for those that want to sail on the waters, lounge on the beaches and take care of the nature that is unique to coastal cities.

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