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Presidential Crunch Time

It’s her alright. Get a grip on one of the world’s most recognized, most controversial women. You’ll feel the power in your hand. Just place a nut between her legs and squeeze. Cracks the toughest nuts, including Republican, Democratic, Brazilian, walnuts, and pecans.

The New 2016 Hillary Nutcracker


Fine China

What do you do when your in-laws come for dinner? Break out the good dishes!

Wild Dining Plates

Gorilla Plates

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

These flavored lollipops contain a real worm that has been suspended within the tequila-flavored confines of the sucker. You don’t have to eat the bug, but that would just defeat the purpose of having an insect larva in your lollipop, now wouldn’t it?

Hotlix Tequila Worm Suckers


Homegrown Chocolates

No need to pick between chocolates and flowers when you can grow your own chocolate flowers. Seriously?

Grown Your Own Chocolate Flowers

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever! Grow Your Own Chocolate Flowers

Liquid Courage

“Just what I always wanted!”, said no one. Ever. Thank goodness they at least kept this biohazard BPA free.

Biohazard Drink Pouch

Worst Christmas Gifts Ever! Biohazard Drink Pounch


Have you ever received a really cringe-worthy Christmas gift? Tell us about it in the comments below, or let us know which one of our picks you think is the worst of the worst.

5 of the All-Time Worst Christmas Gifts for Foodies