Whether you have a few hours on foot or a few days, I’m here to help you experience a new destination through the universal language of food.

I’ll show you ways to satiate your craving for new experiences, learn about the local gastronomy, satisfy your curiosity about the world, and just have fun.

And, of course, I’ll also show you where to find the best local food and drinks.

Because food is a big part of the adventure!


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Italian street food grilled seafood fish, shrimps, calamari and vegetables. Hands of couple holding a seafood cone with lemon in Cinque Terre in Italy


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channel your inner nigella

With my collection of recipes from around the world.

Leave your passport at home with my delicious collection of world cuisine recipes.

I collect international recipes like some people collect shot glasses or spoons. They are, hands-down, my favorite souvenir.

Now I’m sharing them with you. So get inspired with English scones from the former Royal Chef or french classics like coquilles St Jacques and bouillabaisse.

Travel the world without ever leaving your kitchen!

World cuisine recipes

fuel your wanderlust

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With worldwide travel intel.

Plan your next trip with of-the-moment worldwide travel intel for food-focused travelers.

Get the scoop on fresh gourmet experiences, culinary offerings at fine hotels, restaurant openings, food festivals, trending topics, hidden gems, and hot travel deals.

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Laura Goyer, The Culinary Travel Guide


Laura Goyer

CCTP, Founder

Hello, I’m Laura

I’m here to help busy prime-time women like you find the best local food when you travel.

As a Culinary Travel Professional (CCTP), I’ve had amazing food experiences all over the world. Now I’m on a mission to help you do the same.

My self-guided food walks are designed to help you experience the highlights of a local cuisine in a short period of time – whether you’re on a stopover, layover, pre or post cruise extension, shore excursion, or weekend getaway.

I also share recipes collected on my travels, along with restaurant and hotel reviews, inspiring stories, and of-the-moment culinary travel news.

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