12 of the Best Desserts on the Las Vegas Strip

What’s for dessert when you’re on The Las Vegas Strip?

Delicious desserts on The Strip are as plentiful as alcohol. Every step of The Strip offers various desserts – chic, classic, delicious, daring, and mostly over-the-stop.

So, wear your flowy top, your one-size-too-big-jeans, and let’s get tasting.

Pastries at Bellagio Patisserie

Topping our list of best dessert places in Las Vegas Strip is the Bellagio Patisserie.

Bellagio’s artwork goes beyond the kitchen. It is where culinary delights marry the culinary-inspired interiors to create a vision of a stylish and luxurious dessert Utopia.  

Step into the patisserie, and you’ll see the blown glass ceiling that looks like thin sheets of ice. You’ll see colorful chocolate sculptures and the iconic 27-foot luscious fountain with nearly 2 tons of dark, milk, and white melted chocolate.

Topping these lick-e-licious interiors is a comprehensive menu of French-inspired and authentic French patisseries such as Opera cake, macarons, and crêpes. All are filled with Epicurean ingredients like bananas foster, passion fruit mix, and exotic pineapple. Come here to experience inventive, delicious, and daring flavor combinations.

All the items are made on-site, with over 80 bakers in the kitchen below the storefront.

Insane Milkshakes at the Star-studded Sugar Factory

Looking for a little liquid dessert on the Las Vegas Strip that doesn’t involve alcohol? Your quest ends at Sugar Factory.

Sugar Factory’s milkshakes bring Britney Spears and Drake to the confectionery bar. The place is 22,000 square feet of pure decadent desserts that WILL give you a sugar rush. The over-the-top menu here doesn’t shy away from putting an entire slice of cheesecake in the milkshake alongside a giant Sugar Daddy candy.

But don’t stop there! Celebrities and customers love the exaggerated presentation at Sugar Factory. Its disco glitter-dusted rainbow donuts and 24-scoop King Kong Sundae are among the most ordered.

The Cigar at Mayfair Supper Club

Cool, quirky, vintage with an atmospheric 20’s ambiance – Mayfair Supper Club is a star, and The Cigar is its showstopper. Molded artfully into a realistic-looking cigar – complete with elements of ashes, fire, and smokes – this dessert is more than just a dish.

It is an interactive dinner experience full of flair.

It is delicious, creative, and luxurious.

It truly combines the glitz of Las Vegas with the ritz of the roaring twenties.

Everything about this Las Vegas dessert – from presentation to praline – is sensational.

A bite of the cigar melts a burst of flavors in the mouth. Chocolate and hazelnut praline dessert, set on chocolate crumbles atop a pear-chocolate panna cotta base, arrives on the table under a smoke-filled glass cloche.

Baked Alaska at Bardot Brasserie, Aria

Come to Bardot Brasserie for the classic French brasserie experience. Celebrity chef Michael Mina’s desserts combine French flavors with American portions. Topping its eclectic menu is the talk of the brasserie – Baked Alaska, a fruity concoction of strawberries and banana flambeed in Cognac. In every bite, you taste a little bit of chic Champs Elysees.

Apart from this delicious delight, try not to miss Bardot’s yummy chocolate macarons and vanilla crème brûlée. They are among the best French pastries in Las Vegas.

Cake Truffles and Cookies at Milk Bar, The Cosmopolitan

Instagrammable, just 110 calories, and made under the expertise of chef and owner Christina Tosi – Milk Bar’s cake truffles and cookies are a blend of all things nice. These leftover-borne bite-sized morsels are so packed with flavors that you would want to eat them till they make you sick. Even those on a strict dietary regime have nothing stopping them from tasting each flavor (and try to rank them; we dare you!).

For those looking for vegan sweets, this confectionery serves vegan desserts on Las Vegas Strip.

The Cappello at Sinatra, Encore

Is this list of best dessert places on the Las Vegas Strip too overwhelming? Then, the adorable-and-rich Cappello is where you go first.

Perhaps, the best dessert on The Strip in Las Vegas and the most ingenuine is served at Encore’s Sinatra. The swanky Italian restaurant honors “The Voice,” Frank Sinatra, with their signature dessert in the shape of Sinatra’s famous fedora. Named The Cappello, this dessert is a chocolate mousse with panna cotta. Has hints of Jack Daniel, Sinatra’s drink of choice.

Legendary 24-Layer Cake at Strip House Steakhouse

If you are a chocolate lover, this dessert place on The Strip is it. The legendary 24-layer cake is something out of Augustus Gloop’s dreams.

This signature chocolate cake is so good that Food Network declared it the #1 chocolate dessert in America. It is hard not to drool over 12 layers of luscious chocolate cake, 11 layers of smooth chocolate filling, and a decadent top layer of French semisweet chocolate ganache! It is a slice of heaven and a bucket list item that shouldn’t go unticked.

8-10 people can dig into this cake. It’s a crowd-pleaser and a delicious group dining idea in Las Vegas.

Flower Pot Cake at Jardin, Wynn

At Jardin, you get to take a knife to a flower pot only to discover it is a cake. Live the it’s-actually-cake illusion served by one of the originals of this trend.

Their edible fleur dessert is everything you imagine it to be! A realistic-looking strawberry napoleon plant potted in raspberry chocolate compote and complete with cookie crumble “dirt.” The entire thing is appetizing, and there’s no illusion to the amazing flavors this cake brings to the table.

The only surprises you get are pleasant, starting with the size. Too big to finish in a sitting and too cute and tasty not to take away with you.

Lemon Ricotta Cookies at Pronto by Giada

Pronto’s cookies can turn anyone into Cookie Monster. They are colorful, classic, and easy on the wallet! One casual glance across its menu and suddenly, “Me want cookie!” is all you will think.

Their new, improved (read: fluffier) lemon ricotta cookies are must-have desserts in Las Vegas.

Packed with lemon and creamy ricotta cheese, the citrusy cookies melt in your mouth, leaving a perfect blend of sweet and citrus, comfort and refreshment. They concoct a savory paradise for all cookie monsters.

Though indulgent, the lack of heavy ingredients makes them a dessert that won’t leave you feeling bogged down.

Here’s a tip. While at Pronto, don’t forget to try Italian flag cake slices. They are slivers of heaven.

Oreo Zeppole at Lavo, The Palazzo

Come to this cutest little spot for dunking desserts. Beware! It isn’t your regular milk and cookie affair.

The celebrity-favorite deep-fried double-stuffed Oreo cookies come served in a smidge of heavy cream topping the malted vanilla milkshake dip. The delicious delight will either have you indulge extravagantly or fill you up in a single dunk, either way, satiating even the biggest of appetites.

Titanic Sundae at Carmine’s, Caesars

photo cred: Carmine’s website

Craving a huge serving of ice cream? Carmine’s is your place. The chic Italian restaurant – known for its hearty portions – has an epic Titanic Sundae.

The decadent sundae lives up to its name. Its colossal size features six softball-sized scoops of ice cream on top of a chocolate torte, topped with fruit, hot fudge, and whipped cream, and completed with chocolate wafer straws. Its scrummy (yes, scrummy) ingredients balance fruity, fudgy, creamy, and chocolaty flavors.

It’s the Mama of all sundaes.

Hit Me Chocolate Cake at Catch, Aria

The Hit Me Chocolate Cake at Aria is a four-level tower dessert meant to smash – quite literally.

You don’t just eat this dessert.

You have fun with it.

The cake is served on a white plate with #HitMe written in chocolate. The layered dessert boasts a fudge brownie bed sprinkled with cookie crumbs. Then comes the layers of white chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake. Topping all three is the fourth and final layer of white chocolate ganache dipped in chocolate. Once served, the server will pour chocolate sauce poured all over it.

Then, it’s time to smash.

You’ll hit the liquid Klondike bar to demolish it, causing a ganache-ice cream eruption.

The artistic, visual treat is also super-Instagrammable and will leave all your followers with grabby hands.

Unfortunately, we can’t JUST have dessert when we go to Vegas (we can’t, can we?…). So, some other things to do while you’re there: