4 Fun Summer Drink Ideas

4 Fun Summer Drink Ideas

The weather is scorching hot, so it’s no wonder that most of us have fun cold drinks on the mind.  Whether you usually only drink alcohol out of a can or you’re a mixed drink connoisseur, you can shake things up and keep drinks exciting.  Here are four ways anyone can spike their drinks with fun and summer vibes.

Fruit Infused-Alcohol

This option is a beginner step that anyone can do- but it’s also one of the tastiest ways to drink.  If you’re familiar with sangrias, you know where I’m heading with this.  You can use a liquor like a vodka or gin, or go for a classic bottle of wine- and then pick what fruit you’d like.

Classic summer flavors could mean pineapple, mango, and strawberry- but you could also put your twist on them!  If you love the taste of plums or crave cranberries, you can make whatever you’d like.  Although you can eyeball this recipe, if you’d rather have guidance, there are dozens of tutorials online to help guide you through it.

close up of a glass of red sangria

Alcohol Infused Fruit

As similar as this sounds to the last step, it’s the opposite of it.  States like Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana are most familiar with this summer hack since they’re where watermelon and other large fruits are most available.  

The main idea of this recipe is to make the fruit alcoholic so that you can get tipsy when you eat and enjoy it.  For large fruit, like pineapples and watermelon, you can cut a hole in the fruit and pour in the alcohol of your choice.  Vodka and tequila are the most common liquors used.

You can also do this with smaller fruit, by marinating it in the alcohol.  Using a jar, put in as many cherries, grapes, or other berries as you’d like and pour the drink over.  Let this fruity mixture sit for a day or two, and then enjoy it! 

Watermelon on a white background

Home Grown Mojito

Everything tastes better when you make it.  Grow your mint in your windowsill and make your alcohol with your homegrown greens.  You’ll take pride in your drinks, plus you can make your alcohol as minty refreshing as you’d like.  Mint is incredibly easy to grow, with minimal care, and can also brighten your kitchen and home as it flourishes.  The only shopping you’ll have to do is finding a liquor store Savannah GA to Seattle Washington to buy your alcohol!


Don’t Overlook Ginger!

Ginger is the best thing for a stomach in the summer heat.  It can improve digestion, help cool you down, and refresh you when you’re heated and tired from a long day. 

You can infuse almost any alcohol in ginger, and then make any drink out of that alcohol.  It ties in best with flavors like pineapple, gin, cardamom, and home-brewed beer.  You can even pickle your ginger so that it lasts longer by cutting it up and leaving it in jars of alcohol.  This option means that you can use it in drinks beyond the first night and that the alcohol you leave it in will always be infused with the refreshing flavor!  

moscow mule in a pitcher  and a copper mug

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