Culture Vultures Seek out the Real Italy in Puglia

Puglia, Italy

Culture Vultures Seek out the Real Italy as Venice is Transformed into a Tourist Trap

When people think of Italy the places that spring to mind are Rome and Venice – these cities are on most bucket lists. But the future is uncertain for the canal city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as tourism is threatening to ruin the romantic destination of Venice.

Each day around 60,000 people visit Venice, which is more than the population itself. Many of these tourists come from cruise ships, so only spend the day. While many people want to see the wonders of Venice, the sheer amount of tourism may mean the next generation won’t experience the city at all. Venice is a beautiful city but most will agree it is starting to feel crowded.

Chiara Tenuzzo, Director of Aria Luxury Apulia said, “Places like Venice are very popular and touristy – there are actually more tourists than Italians. I think if you visit a country you want to experience its true culture and way of life, and you can’t do that if most people aren’t natives. For a true Italian experience, discerning travelers will have to discover the hidden gems of Italy, and a good place to start is in the South.”

Puglia, Italy

Italy is such a beautiful country with so much to offer and consequently has a lot of popular holiday destinations – from the Tuscany hills to the golden beaches of the Amalfi Coast. But for travelers who enjoy getting off the beaten track, there is no better authentic destination than the region of Puglia, which is literally the heel of Italy’s boot.  Here families can relax and unwind in the serene Italian rural landscape, choosing to stay on a beach and take part in water sports or explore the vineyards and stunning views on a bike tour in the countryside.

Chiara added, “If you’re seeking out the real Italy, I guarantee you will find it in Puglia. The quiet countryside and coastal towns are the perfect rustic retreat, and there is so much culture to explore. Puglian wine and cuisine are famous across the country, so it’s a great destination for self-confessed foodies.”

Traditional foods in Puglia

From secluded beach coves to olive groves galore, the sights of Puglia never fail to impress. Aria Luxury Apulia is a travel company specialized in this one region of Italy, offering holidaymakers the very best luxury accommodation and experiences. Whether you wish a sea view in Salento or prefer a luxury converted farmhouse in Alberobello, the experts at Aria Luxury Apulia are on hand to create your perfect bespoke holiday.

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Aria Luxury Apulia is a bespoke London-based tour company providing exceptional villas and holiday experiences in Puglia. The group showcases a stunning selection of villas and hotels across the Southern Italian region, with prices starting at just £44 per night/person. The team boasts unrivaled knowledge of Puglia and is committed to creating tailor-made packages for holidaymakers in search of the real dolce vita.

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