Exploring the Best Bars in Murphys, CA

Murphys is a charming historic town in the heart of California’s Gold Country. It’s known for its scenic beauty, wineries, and vibrant dining scene.

I love the adorable town in Murphys, so much so that we purchased a home there.

Murphys may be small, but its bar scene packs a big punch. Whether you’re in the mood for a historic saloon, a cozy wine-tasting room, or a contemporary pub, Murphys has a bar or pub to suit your tastes. Next time you find yourself in this charming Gold Country town, explore its vibrant downtown and discover your favorite bar in Murphys.

Murphys Hotel Saloon

For a taste of history and a classic bar experience, the Murphys Hotel Saloon is a must-visit. This saloon, dating back to 1856, has been serving guests for generations. Step inside, and you’ll be transported to the Gold Rush era. They offer a great selection of beer, wine, and spirits, making it a perfect spot to savor the past while enjoying the present. 

The Watering Hole

The Watering Hole in Murphys, CA

The Watering Hole is one of my favorite spots in Murphys (see below for my other one!). Both their inside and outside are very spacious. They have long tables, couches, and TVs on the inside, making it a cozy spot to sit and watch the game or just get out of the cold. Their outside patio is large, dog-friendly, and overlooks the creek.

Their beer selection is extensive, both on tap and in cans to purchase to go. A friend who is very into beers found a couple of beers there that she hadn’t been able to find anywhere else.

The menu is definitely not regular pub fare. They have a delicious menu that changes regularly.

V Bistro & Bar

V Bisto & Bar is one of my fave restaurants in town.  If you’re looking for a bar with a contemporary vibe, V Bistro & Bar is the place to be. They offer a wide selection of craft beers, wine, and signature cocktails. While sitting at the bar, grab one of their delicious lunch entrees- you won’t be disappointed.

Murphys Pourhouse

Another go-to for you beer lovers.

This craft beer pub offers an impressive selection of local and international brews on tap. The laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff make it a perfect spot to explore new beer flavors and socialize with fellow beer lovers.