If you love chocolate and wine individually, why not explore enjoying the two together?

Wine connoisseurs have many differing opinions on whether the bold tannins of both make a happy palette. As a chocolate lover, I have found a few pairings I adore, like lavender truffles with a dry riesling.

To help you figure out your favorite combination, ProFlowers created this popular food guide to easy wine and chocolate pairings. They included 13 popular chocolate treats like peanut butter cups and chocolate-covered espresso beans, so you can find your perfect match.

Don’t see your favorite chocolate on the list?  Just follow these three basic rules for a successful pairing:

  • Use the best quality chocolate you can find.
  • The darker the chocolate, the darker the wine.
  • The wine should be as sweet as the chocolate.

Popular Food Guide Online with 14 of the Best Ways to Pair Wine and Chocolate

14 of the Best Ways to Pair Wine and Chocolate