7 Iconic Foods That Will Make You Want to Be a New Yorker

7 Iconic FoodsThat Will Make You Want to Be a New Yorker

You haven’t fully explored New York City until you’ve toured its unique multi-cultural cuisine. Every borough offers up its own gastronomic delights. And just when you think you’ve seen and tasted it all, a new food obsession explodes onto the scene. That’s what makes the Big Apple’s cuisine so exciting! But for every hot new trend, there’s a much loved culinary classic – a yin to the yang.  So be sure to add these 7 iconic New York City dishes to your taste tour and see for yourself why they’ve stood the test of time.

1. New York Style Pizza

Grab a slice of hand-tossed, thin crust New York pizza to go. Try the classic combo of mozzarella with tomato sauce, and fold it in half. Like a New Yorker.

7 Iconic FoodsThat Will Make You Want to Be a New Yorker

2. Manhattan Clam Chowder

Nothing tastes better on a chilly New York day than a steaming bowl of Manhattan clam chowder. Portuguese immigrants revamped the original milk-based fish stew by adding tomatoes. The result: a hearty red chowder that’ll warm your belly.

3. Lobster Newberg

Lobster Newberg is a rich dish of shellfish simmered in a buttery sherry sauce. (Try saying that three times fast!) It was invented in 1876 by a sea captain named Ben Wenberg who convinced Delmonico’s to feature it on their menu. Originally, it was called Lobster Wenberg until a squabble erupted between the captain and management. Shortly thereafter, the name was changed to Newberg.

7 Iconic Foods That Will Make You Want to be a New Yorker

4. Waldorf Salad

This famous salad was first served in 1893, at a 1500-person society dinner to celebrate the opening of New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel.  The original recipe included just 3 ingredients: apples, celery, and mayonnaise. Eventually, walnuts were tossed into the mix. Since those early days, chefs have been making it their own by adding everything from marshmallows and raisins to bitter greens and truffle oil.

5. New York Style Hot Dogs

A lot of cities across the USA put their own spin on the simple dog, and NYC is no exception. Hot dogs in the Big Apple usually come slathered with brown mustard, sauerkraut, and sautéed onions. For the best New York dogs, check out Crif Dogs, Gray’s Papaya, or Nathan’s Famous.

7 Iconic FoodsThat Will Make You Want to Be a New Yorker

6. The Knish

A traditional Jewish treat, the knish is a golden-brown pocket of dough filled with potato or ground beef – like an empanada. You’ll find them at iconic Jewish delis like Katz’s and Zaftigs.

7 Iconic FoodsThat Will Make You Want to Be a New Yorker

7. New York Style Italian Ice

Most likely the creation of Neapolitan immigrants, Italian Ice is about as American as French Toast. Essentially, it’s fruit, water, and sugar. (Like sorbet, it contains no dairy.) And it’s delicious! Cool down with a classic sweet-tart lemon ice or try something a little more unconventional – like bubble gum.

Getting Around

A double-decker bus tour is a great way to maximize your time in the Big Apple. With TopView New York City Tours, for example, you can combine your sightseeing with your foodie fun. Hop on and off the bus to get a closer look at the city’s top attractions. And while you’re at it, pop into a popular pizza parlor or famous coffee shop. Depending on which tour route you choose, you might find yourself in the heart of Chinatown or Little Italy. Uptown or Downtown. In the Bronx or on the streets of Brooklyn. Each with its own unique cuisine.


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