A Tour of the United Kingdom in Cakes and Biscuits

A Tour of the United Kingdom in Cakes and Biscuits

UK Regional Biscuits and Cakes

Visit the UK and you’ll soon discover you can’t sample an iconic cup of tea without an accompanying sweet treat. In fact, cakes and biscuits have become as much a British institution as the beloved cuppa, whether you’re treating yourself to a mid-morning snack, traditional afternoon tea or post-meal indulgence. And no matter where you visit, there are delicious regional delicacies to be sampled.

  • When in Scotland, enjoy your tea with crumbly, buttery shortbread which has its recipe rooted in medieval times
  • Visit Wales for the hearty, aptly-named welsh cake, known as bakestones within Wales
  • When exploring the north of England, tuck into a gingery Parkin or currant-filled Eccles cake
  • In the capital, indulge in a pastry, either the London bun or the ever-popular sticky, curranty Chelsea bun
  • And go to the South for velvety scones and clotted cream, either the Devon or Cornish way

For a comprehensive tour of the UK’s cakes and biscuits, take a look at this fascinating guide. You’ll find all of the regional specialties listed.

Go on…be tempted and indulge your sweet tooth.

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The UK according to cakes and biscuits, courtesy of holidaycottages.co.uk