Why Visit Scotland Now: Top 5 Reasons for Food Lovers

Why Visit Scotland Now: Top 5 Reasons for Food Lovers | The Culinary Travel Guide

Unicorns, stone circles that may or may not be time portals, legendary sea monsters lurking in land-locked lakes, mythical fairies – Scotland is a land of magic and enchantment. It’s also home to a red-hot (and dare we say legendary?) food scene! In fact, there’s never been a better time to visit Scotland, especially if you’re looking to feast on fantastically fresh and incredibly delicious Scottish food.

2020 Marks Scotland’s Year of Coasts and Waters

This year, Scotland is celebrating its remarkable coasts and waters – an aspect of the country that makes it unique and loved. Travelers are encouraged to explore the coastline and enjoy the incredible seafood and in particular, the seafood shacks.

With the Atlantic on Scotland’s doorstep, there’s no lack of delicious seafood to try like crispy lobster, Arbroath smokies, delectable fish and ships, and creel-caught langoustines – all of which are found at local seafood shacks across the country, so head to the coast or harbor and treat yourself to some fresh catch and stunning views.

Why visit Scotland? For the fantastically fresh and incredibly delicious Scottish food!

Discover Deliciously Authentic Dining

When looking at Scotland’s position on the world map, the country is located in a prime spot to offer locally sourced and fresh food. From Stornoway Black Pudding, Aberdeen Angus beef, Shetland salmon and shellfish to Scottish whiskey, ales, shortbread, scones and of course, haggis, Scotland is a culinary paradise.

If you’re looking to discover Scotland off the beaten path, see the country through a different lens and travel in style on Insight Vacations’ Country Roads of Scotland premium guided journey where you can visit Ballindalloch, one of the few remaining inhabited castles of Scotland to enjoy farm-to-table cuisine with authentic Scottish tea and scones.

As an independent traveler, when you’re choosing your restaurants, look for places that are part of “Taste Our Best” – it’s Scotland’s quality assurance scheme that ensures you always get the very best.

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sheep in scotland

The Local Farmers’ Markets are the Best of the Best

Heading to the East Coast of Scotland, you’ll find the majority of Scotland’s home-grown vegetables. Local flavors can be experienced through Scotland’s farmers’ markets, much-loved for bringing the real and authentic Scotland to life.

Also, many markets offer cooking demonstrations where producers will teach you how best to cook their produce and products, while also sharing local recipes. Yes, please!

Why Visit Scotland? For the best of the best farmers' markets!

Haggis, Even for Vegetarians

You can’t miss the haggis when visiting Scotland – it’s the country’s national dish and the crowning glory of a traditional Burns Supper.

A savory pudding, haggis uses meat and oatmeal, onions, salt and spices, all traditionally cooked in a sheep’s stomach. The vegetarian option is packed with oatmeal, lentils, nuts, kidney beans, and onions, and is a true masterpiece for those who don’t eat meat.

Fun fact: The Scots love their haggis so much that you can even find haggis-flavored chips, chocolate, and ice cream in Scotland!

Haggis, Neeps & Tatties

The Edinburgh Festival and Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Rooted in Scottish tradition, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is the best part of the Edinburgh Festival. The Tattoo is an unforgettable spectacle of pipers, drummers, acrobats, military marching bands, cheerleaders and dancers, spectacular fireworks, thunderous military fly-bys and more.

Attracting performers from over 48 countries, across six continents and with a third of attendees coming from other parts of the world, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Not to mention, the Festival brings the best street food vendors to the capital where you can find Gallic delights, malt whiskey ice cream, and international flavors as well. Head to Assembly George Square Gardens or Teviot Place to taste the flavors live onsite.

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Edinburgh Castle

So there you have it. Five great reasons to visit Scotland this year. Just be sure to bring your appetite!

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